T(w)o Go
The 'T(w)o Go' project resulted in a stair climbing, short-distance transportation vehicle - not having all the excesses strollers have. It will make it possible for a parent to leave the home, bringing both children at the same time. It could also be used for only one child or siblings in different ages.

The carrier is supposed to be used outside home, in “the spaces between”, where ordinary carriers can not be operated. Therefore the comfortableness has been compromised to give it a low weight which, together with the design, will make it flexible to use.

This project started out with a study of parents who have twins in a age less than three years. The goal was to find an unfulfilled need that could be solved through evaluating both technical and social issues.

It showed that many parents have troubles with the logistics around leaving their home together with their babies/toddlers because of the house structure and/or the distance to the transportation vehicle.

A common solution is to leave one child indoor while carrying the other to the stroller/car/bike and then leaving that child outdoor while heading back for the child left in the home.

During the project some sort of carried solution was considered but it would have excluded parents who do not have enough strength to carry or have physical injuries that prevent them from carrying.

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